“Whoever comes into this home, enters their own home”. This was the feeling prevailing back on 30st October 1974 when Solar dos Presuntos first threw open its doors. And that is how it remains after some four decades dedicated to the very best traditions in Portuguese cuisine with a Minho inspiration.

Well over a quarter of a century of not so much serving clients but rather receiving friends. Because we believe that eating is an act of affection and serving is proof of that friendship. Hence the reason we attend each client with the dedication, refinement and the warmth with which we welcome a friend.

Throughout over thirty years, the specialities we restored from one of the longest traditions within the scope of Portuguese gastronomy have gained their due recognition from the cream of national and international critics.

However, true recognition comes with the familiar smiles of those who visit us with all the feeling of returning home. These are our true friends, the family that inhabits the memory of this house that they choose as their own. Those who have helped us in building a place of memories, stories told and retold, of bonds built up out of trust and affection.

This family welcomes many of the leading personalities from the intellectual, artistic, social, political and sporting life of Portugal. Renowned figures who honour us with their presence and leave us with the pleasing sensation of participating in the ongoing, contemporary Portuguese history, taking place at our table.

This is the history of this house. A history made up out of the stories, the moments, the paths that have crossed and once encountered then reencountered. A history that hangs upon our walls and that helps ensures this house is that little more intimate, that little more special.

This is the history of a family always available to welcome one more friend. In a home that is also their own. With the door always open and a seat at the table always awaiting.

May it always remain so!